Best Bezel-Less Display Phones

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Best Bezel-Less Display Phones
Some time ago one would need to compromise with the small screens on mobile phones. You couldn't watch any of your preferred movies, or even play your preferred games without bezels coming in the way. However at this point, the pattern of assembling bezel-less phones has overwhelmed the business, and it ain't going anyplace!

What is a bezel-less display?

A bezel is a type of frame around displays, like those on your TV or smartphone. TV and computers manufacturers already adopted this trend a long time ago but for phones, this is quite a new concept. Many of the manufacturers are deliberately cutting down the dead space between smartphone screens and the metal frames that are around them. The bezel-less look is distinctly futuristic and, despite some compromises, we are surely inclining towards them.

Here are some of the most popular Best Bezel-Less Display in the market –
1. One plus 6 T
2. One plus 7 pro
3. iPhone X and iPhone XS
4. iPhone XS Max
5. iPhone XR
6. Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 plus and Note 9
7. Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 plus, S10e
8. Google Pixel 3XL

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